Course Outline

This course is perfect for beginner and intermediate players that want to take their game from "novice" to "rock solid."

You'll learn third shot tactics like drops and drives, serving strategies to push your competition to the back of the court, and a few special shots that will keep your opponents guessing.

Get started now with your instructor, Coach Josh, a 5.0 pickleball player and certified coach with experience playing in the most competitive tournaments across the country.

    1. The Third Shot Drop

    2. The Third Shot Drive

    3. The Third Shot Lob

    1. Intermediate Receiving Strategy

    2. How to Win Dink Battles

    3. Succeeding in the Kitchen

    1. Overhand Volleys

    2. Poaching

    3. Mastering the Forehand and Backhand Roll

    1. Advanced Serving Tactics

    2. Advanced Third Shot Drop Tactics

    3. Advanced Third Shot Drive Tactics

    1. Resetting and No Man's Land

    2. The Attacker and Defender Drill

    3. The "Ernie" Shot

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