Course Outline

Are you brand new to the sport of pickleball? If so (or you just need a refresher), this is the course for you!

In less than 30 minutes you will learn the rules of pickleball, what to expect in your first game, and enough basic strategy to walk onto the courts with confidence.

Get started now with your instructor, Coach Josh, a 5.0 pickleball player and certified coach with experience playing in the most competitive tournaments across the country.

    1. Overview of the Court

    2. Understand Pickleball Scoring

    1. Get to Know the Kitchen

    2. What is "The Two Bounce Rule"?

    1. How to Grip the Paddle

    2. Beginner Serving Tips

    1. Groundstrokes

    2. Volleys

    3. Dinks

    1. 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

    2. 10 Minute Refresher Lesson

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